Platform Racing 2 Game is a flash based video game which was released around March 2008. It features the ability to play with multiple other players. Like the title suggests, it is a racing game that requires speed and the ability to get to the finish line before the other players, whether they be computer played or other gamers playing in real time. This video game was developed by Jiggmin, and was originally published by Kongregate.

The overall objective of the Return Man 2 Online game is to finish the race with the customize-able character that the player initially sets. The look of the character can be changed by choosing from a set of heads, torso’s, and feet. (no arms, legs, or connecting limbs in this game) There is also the option to increase certain stats that the character has. For example, the speed, acceleration, jumping power, which are the most important factors to consider, can be increased assuming that the player has accumulated enough points to have an increase in a certain ability. This is very much like the ability to level up via experience points which is regularly seen in RPG or Action games which include this style of player character progression.

Courses in the Play Online Duck Life 4 game are made by the players. Each course or level is designed in a grid like fashion, where blocks are placed strategically to create obstacles for the player to traverse through. The initial course will give each player the ability to better understand how these blocks work and how the interaction with these blocks will come into play in the later stages of this video game. The blocks initially look almost like the ones seen in the Mario franchise of 2048 Cupcakes video games. The most basic foundation block is much like a solid granite or cement brown colored stone block. Blocks with a question mark, when jumped from under, will give an item that the character can use.

Blocks green in color will appear and disappear. Blocks with arrows will initialize a speedy progression of the character in the designated direction of the arrow. Block units with the shape of nets will cause the player to start at an earlier point of the course, they must be avoided at all costs to save time. Blocks with circular arrows will rotate the course about 90 degrees. Mines are deadly and like nets, must be avoided at all costs. There are also blue blocks, which are meant to signify water that the character must swim through. The list goes so forth and so on, but more will be explained as the game progresses.

Controls of Tunnel Rush Game are fairly simple and straight forward. Up is to Jump. Down is used either to go down, or when held, will cause the character to crunch and collect power for a “Super Jump” which propels the character up much higher than the standard jump. The left and right arrow keys will move the player left and right respectively. The overall objective of the game is to finish the race with the customize-able character, in the shortest possible time, and before the other players can get to the finish block, signified by a checkered pattern, and touch it. While initially simple, the gameplay mechanics and course creation gives way to a lot of possibilities, and increase Cubefield Free Online play time.